Ciespace CFD

Ciespace CFD is the industry’s first end-to-end cloud CFD solution – all of the benefits of the cloud with none of the sacrifices.

Seamless engineering collaboration and remote visualization tackle the challenges of working in a globally competitive engineering market. Best in class geometry cleanup, geometry simplification, and mesh generation reduce engineering cycle time by making it easier to go from CAD to CAE.

The Ciespace intuitive workflow supports rapid, iterative design powered by the OpenFOAM solver; making it accessible to a broader cross-section of engineering users. Finally, when running your analysis in Ciespace CFD, you can scale to use the compute power of the cloud.

All of these capabilities delivered in a SaaS application. Unparalleled accessibility, resource scalability, and cloud data security. Ciespace CFD delivers on the promise of accelerating innovation and reducing digital prototyping costs.

Next Generation CFD

The interface of Ciespace CFD has been designed around an innovative approach of putting project and workflow management front and center. Users build their CAE workflows in a manner that is familiar and easy to learn; with the interface guiding users from one step to the next. This unique approach is also ideally suited to how engineers work; supporting a rapid, iterative approach to design where designs branch often while different design options are tested and improved upon.

Geometry and Meshing is where the rubber meets the road for a CAE solution. CAD geometry is imperfect; but it is most commonly the starting point from which CAE models are built. Ciespace CFD boasts a robust set of tools for geometry repair, simplification, and fluid volume extraction. Once a fluid volume is extracted the next step is meshing. The core meshing technology of the Ciespace meshing engine relies on the patented IP of the physics based BubbleMesh® algorithm. Best of breed mesh generation.

Collaboration and sharing have been designed into the Ciespace solution from the start; not added on as an afterthought. In an ever connected world, engineering collaboration and remote visualization for companies is no longer nice to have – it is required. Old school methods such as transferring large data sets is impractical and sometimes not even feasible.

Engineering collaboration drives improved quality and compresses design review cycle time. Leverage knowledge and expertise; collaborate with clients and customers.

Ciespace CFD also makes the leading open source CFD engine OpenFOAM® dramatically more accessible. Many are interested in trying out OpenFOAM but are put off by the difficulty in setting up problems and getting them to run in the solver. Some of the benefits of using the OpenFOAM® solver include the fast pace of implementation of new technologies (such as LES), significant cost and solution time savings when running large parallel solutions, and the ability to customize and extend the solver.

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General Interface, Workflow and Project Management

General Interface

Advanced selection tools, built in adoption aids, and intuitive interface design all combine to drive Ciespace CFD fast time to value.

Project Management

Imagine being able to easily look at an analysis project and see the provenance of the decisions made? Ciespace project management enables you to keep track of the decisions, branches, and collaborations that drove the decisions behind your simulation model.


Ciespace compresses design time by parallelizing the CAE workflow.   Users  can be at different stages for different designs (e.g. processing geometry for one design, building meshes for another design, all while solving a third design).  Execution of a particular stage may be parallelized as well (e.g. the workflow can branch to have a coarse hexahedral and a fine tetrahedral mesh for mesh type and sensitivity studies). You can build out simulation and analysis workflows easily in the workflow manager; and powerful branching and cloning tools make it easy to investigate design alternatives to arrive at an optimal solution.

Task assignment and management

Assign project tasks to others on your team including model references and annotations. In a team environment, the task assignment and management allows multiple engineers to contribute while keeping the pedigree, traceability and integrity of the simulation.


Real-time Project Collaboration

One or more engineers can view the same project, interact with the same model, pass control from one to another, whiteboard, web chat, and annotate – over distances of thousands of miles all inside Ciespace.  Any markups, discussions, or annotations can be archived for future reference or be assigned as tasks to other members of the team.

Project Sharing

Easily share your project with others in your company.  Have multiple engineers contribute to the same project, or branch the workflow and try out alternative designs.

Workflow Node Sharing

Chose a step in the workflow to share, with anyone – and by anyone we mean anyone with an e-mail account; no Ciespace account required) and dictate for how long.  Providing a client the ability to view results of a project is as easy as entering an e-mail address.  The recipient can view the workflow steps you chose to share but not make changes.

Model Preparation

CAD Import

Ciespace supports import of geometry in the following formats: CATIA, NX, Creo/ProE, Parasolid, STEP, and IGES.  Ciespace will also implement tessellated geometry import (STL as well as building topology from pre-existing FE meshes).

Geometry Repair

It’s rare that CAD geometry is clean enough to use as is.  The geometry engine supports a robust set of capabilities to clean and heal imported data both manually and automatically.  Some of defects detected and repaired include gaps, bad intersections, overlapping geometry, sliver surface removal, as well as topology and continuity issues.

Geometry Simplification

The third key feature of the geometry engine are the simplification tools. Raw CAD cannot oftentimes be used for CAE; having a robust set of tools for the cleanup and simplification of CAD so that it may be efficiently used downstream for CAE is a requirement.

The Ciespace geometry engine supports a rich feature set for simplification.  Automated and manual selection of fillets, holes, steps, grooves, and logos is supported.  Users may also define virtual faces and select arbitrary geometry for removal.

Geometry Editing

The Ciespace geometry engine is not intended to be a CAD modeler or to replace the need for one; but basic support for geometry operations common to CAE workflows are included.

Users can merge bodies, create primitives, and perform Boolean operations on these and their models. It is possible to build solutions on the geometry engine supporting unique CAE applications such as fluid volume extraction for CAE.

At any point in the workflow the Geometry Engine also supports exporting a Parasolid x_t representation of the model.


Supported Mesh Types

Fully automated Tetrahedral, Conformal and non-conformal hex dominant, 2D wedge + hex meshing capability.  Additionally the Ciespace mesh engine sets itself apart by being one of the only meshing solutions that can automatically generate a hex dominant mesh with boundary layer creation.


In addition to the standard mesh control such as element size controls and volumetric refinement Bubble Mesh™  also supports tensor guided meshing and directionality/anisotropy. Refinement can also be controlled based on the distance between bodies.

Ciespace Meshing Whitepaper


Supported Physics

  • Incompressible flows
  • Compressible flows
  • Steady state and transient flows
  • Laminar and turbulent flows
  • Newtonian and non-Newtonian flows
  • Single rotating frames
  • Multiple rotating frames
  • Porous media
  • Conduction, convention and radiation heat transfer
  • Buoyant flows
  • Conjugate heat transfer
  • Two-phase and Multi-phase flows
  • Naval resistance and sea keeping, with or without dynamic meshes
  • Applications specific boundary conditions such as pipe flow, wind tunnel, turbomachinery, external aero, free surface pipe, floating body etc…
  • Advanced boundary conditions – customizable, table driven and expression oriented
  • Function objects for capturing forces, force coefficients, and other results

Multiple OpenFoam Versions

Both 2.1 and 1.6-ext are supported seamlessly in the Ciespace platform.

User Extensions to OpenFoam

Users can upload their own extensions to the 2.1 or the 1.6-ext models.  The ability at this stage is restricted only because we currently cannot support user supplied UI extensions.


Remote Visualization

Remote visualization makes rendering possible even on the thinnest of clients (including mobile devices) without transferring large raw datasets over the network increasing the reach of engineering solutions to places and people (in manufacturing facilities or to sales personnel on the road) previously no possible.

Also, data integrity is also preserved; results and data files stay on the secure servers in the cloud and only graphics are streamed to the client.

Ability to handle huge datasets

Results files can be easily a few GB and the size will only increase as the hardware performance improves, models grow and the simulations become more realistic. After running the analysis on the cloud or remote servers, the large results files do not have to be downloaded on local client.

Side by side solution comparisons

Side by side comparison of simulation iterations is fast and easy with Ciespace multiple windowing.   View the impacts of changes to solution parameters, solver, or any other modifications quickly.

  • Results with two or more different data formats can also be compared.
  • The multiple windows can consist of the geometry, mesh and results for the same design or comparison of the results from two (or more) different designs.

Windows can be linked and all operations like zooming, panning, rotating, and sectioning can apply to all windows.

Supported data types

CFD and FEA results are supported in the Visualization engine.  Specific solvers include:

  • CFD: OpenFOAM®, Fluent®, Star-CCM® and Flow3D®
  • Multi-Physics : Nastran®, Abaqus®, Ansys®, Marc®, LS-Dyna®
  • Proprietary:  Many organizations have their own internally developed or customized simulation tools. The Ciespace visualization interface can be easily customized to read the results from such analysis to reap all the benefits like remote visualization, collaboration of results and design comparisons
  • Other Government or Open Source: KIVA, FUN-3D, Aster
  • Formats: VTK, Tecplot®, others (please call for support)

Supported display types

Surface plotting, streamlines, glyphs, iso-surfaces, 2D plotting, and table data presentations.

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